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drug test sign

Drug testing at work has become the hot employment topic.  Like P Testing of rental properties, there is an industry that has sprung up around it with experts to be found everywhere.  Some employers are using a zero-tolerance policy as a reason to test employees and use a failed drug test as grounds for instant dismissal.  This isn’t lawful.

There are some high-risk jobs where a worker must be drug and alcohol-free.  We all want our pilot to be sober and focused.  Likewise, forestry workers and heavy machinery operators – those areas where one small slip could be fatal.  But the same criteria are being applied to jobs that carry a much lower risk and even to occupations where there is no risk at all.  

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When your boss is a bully


You work for the boss from hell.  She says you’re useless and picks at everything you do.  She throws the F word at you on a regular basis and sometimes even the C bomb.  She blames you when customers complain about the quality of her products and takes the cost of breakages out of your pay.  But you need the job and you know she will bad-mouth you if you apply for other jobs.     

People who behave in this way shouldn’t be employers. They destroy good workers and often destroy good businesses too.     

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Are you a Tenant?

Do you have a phone?

tenant screening houseGet your phone out now and take photos around your house. Take photos of the floor and the ceiling, of the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Take photos that show how clean you keep the property and what you do to keep it warm and dry.

Of course, there are some properties where you can’t hold back the damp and the mould. Take photos of this too. Take photos of things that are broken, leaking and substandard.

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Employment | Parting on good terms

Your rights, obligations and some ideas when leaving a job.  employment law

Under New Zealand employment law there is a duty of good faith between employers and employees.  This requires both employers and employees to be open, honest, responsive and communicative with each other.

We often hear from clients that believe that in New Zealand it is standard practice to give four weeks’ notice of resigning from a job.

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Be in the know before you claim

In March 2017 Community Law Marlborough once again got to host John Goddard from the law firm Morrison Kent | Wellington.

On this occasion John travelled to Ward to give his presentation on “How to Navigate Earthquake Claims” A guide for claimants. There was a great turnout with lots of questions asked. 

Here are the main points from his presentation.

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